How Health & Safety Smart works

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How Health & Safety Smart works

1. Purchase your Health & Safety Smart licence and receive your login details via email.

2. Login to your assessment and use the Health and Safety Smart tool to guide you through your assessment.

3. Enter your answers into the system. Once you have completed your answers, simply click the ‘Generate report’ button. The system will automatically pull together your Health and Safety Assessment Report from the data you have recorded in the system.

This is a detailed Health & Safety report which includes the risks, precautions and remedial actions you have identified.

4. As part of your Health and Safety requirements you will need carry out remedial actions to remove or reduce the risks as much as possible. In addition, you may need to inform and train your employees on certain areas e.g. working at heights, COSHH, manual handling.

Your Health and Safety Assessment should be reviewed annually or sooner if there are changes to your workplace or work practices. Continue to inform and train new employees.

If you need further help, our support service is available to Health & Safety Smart customers.