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£399 + VAT
Annual, single site licence

Structured app designed to help you through your Health and Safety Assessment. Based on the requirements of the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974. Complete your Health and Safety Assessment on a computer, tablet or mobile device.

Manage individual or multiple sites

Can cater for single sites or multi-site businesses. Central admin and site level options available.

Review Health & Safety Risks

Guides you through your health and safety assessment, helping you identify remedial actions your business needs to take.

Health and Safety Action Plan

Your findings presented in a logical manner to help you focus on actions that need to be taken to improve workplace health and safety.

Users who have a mobile device can fill in assessment findings, on the app, as they discuss health and safety with colleagues and review the building.

Helping users through the Health and Safety assessment process

Statement and answer process to guide users through assessment

Flexibility to return to each health and safety section as required

Easily see what aspects of health and safety the user has identified as requiring action

Update health and safety actions as they are addressed

Health and safety help notes

Friendly support team available by phone or email

Generate a copy of your Health and Safety Report and your Health and Safety Action Plan.

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Helping businesses identify the specific risks onsite and comply with the relevant UK Health and Safety Legislation

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