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Fast compliance with Fire Safety Regulations. Complete your Fire Risk Assessment now with Firesmart, the proven online solution £199 + VAT




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Firesmart is an easy to use online fire risk assessment system. You do not need any previous understanding of fire safety legislation to complete the process.

It is written in easy to understand language and should take no more than an hour from start to finish. However you do not need to complete it all in one go –
you can log in and out as many times as required.

Firesmart is recognised by a number of fire brigades and costs £199 + VAT. For this you get;


                12 months access to the site and all of its features so that it can be updated

                Compliance with Fire Safety Law in less than an hour

                Unlimited FREE access to Firesmart's online fire consultants


                        Supporting you throughout the risk assessment process if required

                        Offering advice on general fire safety issues for the period of the license


Unlike other companies, we do not sell fire equipment. This enables us to offer clear and totally unbiased help.


How it works


  1. Purchase your FRA licence and receive your login details via e-mail.

  3. Login to your assessment and allow the Firesmart tool to guide you through your assessment. The tool is designed with intelligent branching allowing you to focus on your specific risks and get the job done within one hour.

  5. After entering your answers your Fire Risk Assessment will be compiled for you. This is a 35 page report which includes the risks that have been identified, any remedial actions you need to take and your Fire Action Plan.

  7. You are then required to carry out these remedial actions to remove or reduce the risks as much as possible. Your Fire Risk Assessment is now complete and should be reviewed annually or sooner if there are changes to your workplace or work practices.


We are here to guide you every step of the way, you have unlimited access to our specialist fire consultants.


Online Fire Risk Assessments

  • Question & Answer Driven
  • Flexible & Intelligent Branching
  • Online Help & Support
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Proven Over 10 Years
  • 1year FRA £199 + VAT  Buy Now

Corporate Business Benefits

  • Scalable 1 to 10,000 Users

  • Secure Dedicated Database

  • Management - Status Reports

  • Financial - Lower Cost Profile

  • Branding - Company Standards

  • Hosted Cloud Platform


Why Choose Us?

  • The FRA tool is easy to access and understand

  • We Provide a fixed price service

  • We provide your Annual Fire Safety Policy

  • We provide you with an Emergency Plan

  • We provide you with Premises Specific Documents

  • We provide a free helpline for the duration of your license

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