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Why Choose Us?

  • The FRA tool is easy to access and understand

  • We Provide a fixed price service

  • We provide your Annual Fire Safety Policy

  • We provide you with an Emergency Plan

  • We provide you with Premises Specific Documents

  • We provide a free helpline for the duration of your license

Critical Issues


Legislation now requires that companies conduct a Fire Risk Assessment for each site where people work.

Incidents of fire in commercial premises are increasing

Insurance costs are increasing dramatically

In the event of a fire, senior executives of the business may be held personally responsible for the consequences if they cannot produce evidence to show that a risk assessment has been conducted in line with the legislation


Most businesses have still to address the problem, including many blue-chip organisations for whom the solutions can be very expensive.


Problem Faced


High cost of physically carrying out an assessment at each site

Insufficient internal resource/High cost of external consultant

Recording information in a usable format for review purposes

Management and control of any remedial actions generated

Extended timescale of carrying out assessment

Organization has unique/important issues to address


Benefits of Firesmart


Cost Effective
        Firesmart has developed a cost-effective solution for large organisations enabling enterprise-wide completion of a Fire Risk Assessment at a fraction of the traditional cost

        No additional investment in IT resource, hardware or software is required

Tailored To Your Unique Requirements

        The system can be adapted to handle issues unique/important to you and your organisation

Management Information

        As the assessments are completed the information is automatically entered into the system database enabling the process controller to oversee, review and control the process remotely                                 

The Firesmart system is recognised by Fire Services and major insurance companies. It is used by a growing number of corporate clients and local authorities.


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